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About us

Shimmer Beauty and Shapers Salon 


Escape through the Shimmer for an hour, an afternoon or an entire day of total personal pampering. Started in 2013 of beauty expertise, the renowned Shimmer is creating its own name in the industry.


The iconic Shimmer has welcomed guests since day salon opened in 2013 and today remains a symbol of beauty and wellness. Shimmer Salon and Shapers Salon promotes beauty and wellness. The fundamental belief that beauty should be “an intelligent union of nature and science to develop one’s finest natural assets” is carried out through unique treatments and quality services, with scientifically-proven and advanced ingredients.


Guests of Shimmer can escape to any of 30 day salon and spa where they’ll discover staff hospitality, continuous improvement of facilities, expertise on the clients needs. Dramatic purple accents throughout add an iconic reception that says “Shimmering.” An all-encompassing spa menu, complete with renowned signature services, enhanced specialty treatments and wellness recommendations, offers everything from skincare, massage and body treatments to nail care, hair styling, waxing, threading and many more.


Always on the industry cutting edge, Shimmer guarantees guests a unique and encompassing experience which delivers the highest level of technical expertise and impeccable guest service.


experience in beauty and skin care

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