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Our skin faces lots of harassment on daily basis. The chemicals in the air, pollution, dust and sun ray affects our skin more.


Fruit facial is a better option to get a good glowing skin instantly. Fruit packs help to cleanse and relax the skin.


The standard skin care is your first step to gorgeous. Call Shimmer now and book for your appointment to have a glorious face results that worth capturing. 

Hair Botox Treatment

4 Sessions for only QAR 1,400.00 - Up to 25% OFF

includes haircuts, blow dry and finish. 

Hair Botox Treatment

Fix Your Frizzy & Dry Hair Today!


Hair Botox is a new range of hair redefining treatment that gives your frizzy curls a well needed Keratin boost.


Imagine waking up to flawless hair every morning !


Easier to manage, Frizz-Free, and well hydrated hair will literally save you 20 minutes a day from blow-drying and styling.


And the best part is...


Enjoy the daily compliments about your hair.

Hair Loss Treatment with Deep Conditioning

Thinning or balding hair can take away the sheen from even the best-looking faces. However, science has come a long way and it is possible to treat hair loss.


At Shimmer, our hair experts will help you beat hair loss using our natural treatment and deep conditioning. 


Deep Conditioning with Blow Dry!


How many times have you thought about deep conditioning your hair? Chances are you’ve been offered the chance to undergo a deep conditioning treatment on multiple occasions and passed it up, until now. There are many benefits of deep conditioning treatments, all of which may cause you to call up your salon (ahem, Shimmer!) and make an appointment to discuss deep conditioning.


Benefit of Deep Conditioning:-


It penetrates your hair shaft which restores the natural shine. Over time your hair gets build up from the weather, products you use, etc. Using a deep conditioner smoothes the shaft of your hair and allows you to gain back your natural shine!


It also moisturizes the scalp. A dry scalp, itching, scratching, and flakes…all things you don’t want! Using a deep conditioner keeps you from having to deal with all of those things.



Hair Conditioning Treatment

4 Sessions for only QAR 600.00 - Up to 25% OFF

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